Travel Around Newquay

While on holiday in Newquay getting around is not difficult, and although the roads are busy in town at the height of the summer, it is easy for the abled-bodied to navigate on foot.

Or you could hop aboard one of Newquay’s local buses, the funky road train, find a taxi or hire a car.


Everyone enjoys a ride on Newquay's famous Road Train. The relaxing open-air journey around the resort is made much more interesting by the conductor's well-informed commentary. The fully flexible ticket and hop-on-hop-off service offers excellent value for money, allowing you a full day's access to this fun form of alternative transport!

Travel Around Newquay by Bus

Newquay's bus services are an ideal opportunity to get to, around and from Newquay town centre. Leave your car at your Newquay holiday accommodation and step on to a bus to get around without the hassle of parking - and then trying to find the car again!